Image by RitaE from Pixabay

October 19th, 2020

Zinc and Vitamin D containing foods that I would encourage you to feed your children

Zinc -
1) Shellfish - especially oysters - can be pureed into spaghetti sauces. Kids generally like shrimp and scallops pan sautéed with olive oil, basil and fresh garlic
2) Chick Peas as hummus or roasted like popcorn
3) Nuts and seeds - cashews and pumpkin - pureed in anything from smoothies to sauces

4) Pork and beef - grass fed - easy any way
5) Mushrooms finely chopped in dishes

Vitamin D
1) Cod liver oil, beef liver -
2) Salmon and all small oily fish
3) Dairy
4) Eggs
5) Mushrooms

I highly recommend getting blood levels checked and then supplementing with appropriate doses where necessary.

Dr. M