Volume 8, Letter 50.5

December 1, 2018

It has been 5 years of anticipation and patience leading up to today.

Nourish Your Tribe is officially available in paperback form on Amazon's website. Hardcover is available for preorder today likely shipping within 10 days at this link.

Reading Nourish Your Tribe will bring you to the detailed story of where we ruined the American food dream and replaced it with corporate taste driven garbage that is making us sick. This book is a "how to fix the problem" book for all Americans, especially parents. You will get a complete breakdown of where and how it broke down for us followed by a step by step plan that empowers parents to nourish their tribe in order to grow children with optimal physical and mental health.

Early Reviews for Nourish Your Tribe

"Busy parents--is there any other other kind?--face daunting odds to get their kids to follow a healthy, nutritious diet, starting with a culture that endlessly hawks bad food and ending with that 5 year-old boss at the kitchen table whose sole food group is mac 'n cheese. Help is on the way. In Nourish Your Tribe, Nicole Magryta gives us an invaluable, practical guide to building smart, healthy, pleasurable family eating habits that even the busiest parents can master."

--Ken Cook, President, Environmental Working Group

"Nourish Your Tribe is a comprehensive, educational tool that empowers parents to maximize nutrition and health for themselves and their families. A book that parents can regularly refer back to for continuing knowledge about health. A must read for all parents."

--Jennifer Hudson, M.D., pediatrician and founder of Witty Bit World

"This is the best book that I have read on nutrition. It's an excellent reference book for every physicians library."

-- Wayne Koontz, M.D, 50 year veteran of pediatrics