It is very important to instill in our children at young ages the need for good oral hygiene. Dental care begins as soon as the first pearly white pops up. In the early stages, it is important to just clean the teeth with a cloth or brush, advancing to full brushing with toothpaste by age 1 year old. Apply a rice grain sized or very thin smear of toothpaste and brush twice daily. Oral hygiene is mostly affected by sugar exposure, therefore, avoiding refined sugar is key. We do not recommend juice for children. All sweetened beverages like sweet tea, soda, energy drinks, sports drinks have absolutely NO value and are notorious for damaging teeth and leading to obesity. Do not use bottles past 1 year of age. Breast milk and water are the best beverages until 2 years of age.


We apply flouride on teeth beginning at 6 months until 3 years of age at well visits for all children. During your well visits the provider will assess each patient's needs for flouride supplementation and will prescribe it if they believe the treament would be beneficial. Ask a provider for more information about this at your next well visit!


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